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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:16 pm    Post subject: A Man Called Smart: Part 2 Tamil Pdf Download

A Man Called Smart: Part 2 Tamil Pdf Download

KAOS threatens the USA to dry up its entire water supply. CONTROL is temporarily taken over by its original chief Admiral Hardgrade.
Part two of what was supposed to be the original "Get Smart" movie is just as funny as part one, as Max and 99 continue to seek out the diabolical KAOS killers who threaten to evaporate all the water in the US unless they are paid one billion dollars. The KAOS broadcasts have so alarmed the American public that the President has decided to relieve the Chief of CONTROL and bring in the country's grand spy master and original chief of CONTROL, the Admiral (William Schallert). The Admiral is 91 years old, smart and sharp as ever only...he has a little trouble standing up and sitting down. William Schallert must have LOVED playing a character as rich as this after a career in roles where he plays Patty Duke's dad or Gidget's dad or other straight parts, because he creates a really memorable and funny character here (that would return at least one more time in the series). It's a shame they did not try to reinstate the Admiral when they did "The Nude Bomb" or "Get Smart Again" or the ill-fated 1990 series (or even the new movie) when they needed to replace the late Ed Platt. Speaking of Platt, he does some nice work in the hospital scenes. The episode ends in another cliffhanger, with the Chief apparently falling dead into 99's arms.


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